An online sports publication ranked the coolest college basketball courts, and some big names were on the list of ten. UMass, University of Notre Dame, and Indiana University, all made the list, but the biggest name on the list is our very own Miners! Ok, so maybe UTEP isn’t the most prestigious college on the list, but it’s ours, so that makes it the most prestigious!

Bleacher Report, a sports website, ranked the coolest college basketball courts in the country, and they say the Don Haskins is number one! They pointed out the three pick axes on the court that honors the name of the school, and not just the geography of the area. It's nice to see a national publication giving a shout out to the Miners and the House That Haskins Built.

Congrats UTEP!

Oh yeah, here are the other schools that made the list. But WE'RE NUMBER ONE! WE'RE NUMBER ONE!

10. The University of Massachusetts
9. University of Connecticut
8. University of Central Florida
7. San Jose State University
6. University of Notre Dame
5. University of Colorado
4. Florida International University
3. Indiana University
2. George Washington University