I absolutely dread the holidays. Sad things usually happen during the happiest of times, in my experience.

Not sure why, but my mom usually feels the same. Maybe it is just the sentimental feeling of the holidays that makes life events hurt a little more.

Anyone celebrating without their loved ones is usually hard, especially the first holidays without them. My heart goes out to those who are doing that this year.

While the connection with our human relationships is strong, I still want to acknowledge the hurt that comes with losing a pet. In this case, even the loss of a furry friend.

Mr. Hissy was a University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) campus cat who had a regular spot to visit and hiss at students. According to Miner Pick-Catz, a "student organization helping to maintain the campus feral cats at UTEP," Mr. Hissy would greet students with a hiss then a meow.

Sadly, on December 21st, 2021, the organization announced Mr.Hissy's passing, and thanks to fellow UTEP organizations the Centennial Museum and Green Team UTEP, Mr. Hissy was well taken care of up until his death.

Miner Pick Catz has recently lost another member of the campus to a wild animal attack.

These feral cats are a big part of the campus many ignore. I know how hectic college life can be and sometimes you need a furry friend to walk by when you are taking a break at the campus for a little encouragement.

If you ever have a few extra dollars please consider donating to Miner Pick Catz for the holiday season or really, all year round.

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