The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we do everything, but mostly the way our kids go to school. The El Paso, Ysleta, Socorro, and Canutillo independent school districts all begin virtual classes this week and some districts, including the Clint ISD went back to school a few weeks ago.

Students at UTEP will begin classes both online, and for a small number of students, in fact-to-face classroom settings. Before they go back, however, UTEP students are required to take and complete a COVID-19 training course.

Part of the training course involves watching the video below. The video explains what COVID-19 is, how it is spread including talking, coughing, or sneezing. Symptoms of the coronavirus are explained as well as what is meant by being symptomatic and asymptomatic. If a UTEP student has COVID-19 symptoms, they are advised to either go to their primary doctor or they can go to the UTEP Student Health and Wellness Center for guidance.

UTEP students, faculty, and any visitors are require to wear a face covering both inside buildings and outside. If someone is caught not wearing a face covering, they might get reported to campus authorities. Social distancing is also covered in the video and where social distancing should be observed.

Sharing phones, books, food or other items is advised again. Students are also reminded when they should wash their hands and to wash for at least 20 seconds before they touch anything else. After students watch the video, they are prompted to take the quiz so that they can be counted as having taken the course.

Remember, the course has to be completed by Wednesday, August 19.

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