UTEP officials are putting out the word on a scam you need to know about.

They say they’ve been getting reports of people going door to door claiming to be students at UTEP and selling magazine subscriptions.
UTEP officials say none of it’s students, staff and faculty ever go door-to-door to sell anything.

These types of scams come up several times a year, and UTEP Police say they always try and warn people when the incidents come up.

And the scammers aren’t just going door-to-door, they’re taking their fake magazine subscription pitch other places as well.
Two weeks ago, someone who claimed to be a UTEP student, stopped a shopper at Sunland Park Mall and said they were taking donations in exchange for magazine subscriptions.
And a student was approached by someone on campus at the Union Building who said they were fundraising for the UTEP Department of Communication's public radio station, KTEP-FM, in exchange for magazine subscriptions.
If you have any information about these incidents, or you were scammed by someone claiming to be a UTEP student, you are asked to call UTEP police at 747-5611 or the El Paso Police Department at 832-4400.

UTEP Officials Warn Of Scam