If you live or work in the northeast part of town, you need to know about a closure that started this week.

TxDOT crews closed the Diana Dr. underpass at U.S. 54. They are working on a 35 million dollar project that will widen the road and add lighting. The work began last year and is supposed to be completed by March of next year.

After the work is complete, U.S. 54 will have another lane on each side, as well as high mast illumination and turnarounds at Hondo Pass, Diana, and at Transmountain. TxDOT said the northeast is growing along with the rest of the city and they are working to improve people's commutes.

There will also be changes to the existing on/off ramps. They will be reversed so that traffic can merge on the access roads instead of the main lanes. To make things more user friendly for area residents, there will be a 2-mile shared use path from Hondo Pass to Transmountain.

The Diana underpass is scheduled to be closed for 3 months and TxDOT says that if you are driving in that area, you should use the turnarounds at Hondo Pass or Transmountain as a detour.

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