Earlier this morning, City Rep. Eddie Holguin stopped by the Mike and Tricia studio for a little one-on-one time with me and the Big Guy.  Why did Mr. Holguin come to KISS FM?  Well, I'll tell ya...

On June 28th, I got a little overheated during a newscast and accused Eddie Holguin of not doing his job, i.e., always voting no and then saying, "It should go before the voter".  After the show, I got a phone call from a listener who really gave it to me for being mean to Mr. Holguin.

Fast forward a month, and we got a letter from Mr. Holguin, who said he was offended by my blog and accusations, and wanted the chance to rebut them on the air.

Fast forward to this morning to The Epic Debate!

Our intrepid internet gal, Lauren, took video, so I'm not going to do much writing because I would rather you watch the video.  I will, however, add a few comments to preface the videos.

In this clip, we find out that Mr. Holguin represents "the humble, hard-working part of town" who can't always afford car insurance, and he doesn't feel that is a problem.  I live in the non-humble, non-hardworking part of town, so I have car insurance.  I call it "maintaining financial responsibility".  The police call it "failure to maintain financial responsibility" when they give you a ticket for NOT having insurance.  Mr. Holguin calls it "criminalizing the poor".

What do you think about Mr. Holguin's solution to people who don't have car insurance?  Feel like waiting for someone to pay off the damage to your car when they won't budget $25 a month for a liability policy?

In this second video, Rep. Holguin has his final statement.  He says that we should tell people that the opinions we express should be explained away as "jokes".  They aren't jokes, Mr. Holguin, they are observations and opinions that everyone has, including you.  You should also know that I will continue taking elected officials to task.  There are a lot of people who don't have a microphone, don't have a radio show, and don't sit on City Council.  They need a voice, and I hope I give voice to their thoughts and feelings.

I think you were a good sport to come in, but I stand by my final statement in this video:


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