City Representative Cortney Niland's return to council ended with a twist no one saw coming. After citing an illness in her family and missing all but one regular city council meeting since the beginning of the year, Niland resigned as District 8 City Representative.

After acknowledging her continued absence from council meetings and confirming reports she was going through a divorce, Niland stated she was putting family first and stepping down.

Here are the facts: my marriage will soon end and I have sold my home. I will be exploring full time employment opportunities, wherever that might take me, in order to provide for myself and my sons. At the outset of this personal crisis, I had hoped to fulfill my term, but the reality is I need to put my family first."


Soon after a round of hugs and goodbyes with the mayor and council members, Niland left City Hall through a back door escorted by El Paso's finest.

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