I don't know if you've got what looks like a lot of dirt hanging in the air at your house, but over here by the airport, a brown haze rolled in about an hour ago.  That's not dirt, kids, that's smoke.  From Arizona. 

This is the view outside my house.  I would love it if these were rain clouds, but Dopplar Dave Speelman just said, that is smoke from the wildfires two states away.  That is really, really scary.

The last time we saw rolling blackouts, it was because of freezing weather.  Now, the uncontrollable wildfires that are burning in Arizona and other western states are threatening to overtake an El Paso Electric Company tranmission facility.  That means 40% of the electricity that El Pasoans depend on, could go up in flames.  EP Electric warned this morning, that could lead to rolling blackouts as early as Friday.  That has been revised.  Now EPE says because the fire is moving more quickly than anyone thought, rolling blackouts could hit us TOMORROW.  The best thing to do is read this list of tips for dealing with rolling blackouts. 

A woman at the gym told me that I was just scaring people by posting updates here.  I'm not trying to scare anyone.  We saw what happened when we weren't prepared for rolling blackouts in the winter.  We've got time to get things in place and get ready this time around.  A big thank you to EP Electric for giving us the heads up and telling us what we're facing.  Now, let's take care of business and get things in place so for the next couple of days, we won't make matters worse by being unprepared.