Amanda Gomez is a young, vibrant beautiful girl. You can't tell by her pretty smile but she suffers from lupus and is in desperate need of a kidney. Her friend Sonia seems to be a match and all is working out well but they need some more funds for the surgery. You can help!

Amanda Gomez/ Facebook

Sonia has a huge heart and because of that has put her own life down to donate a kidney to someone she casually met through selling Herbalife. Sonia recently posted on her Facebook page...

I'm feeling so grateful today. Friday I got the call that I was approved to donate and move forward with the kidney transplant!! It has been a long journey so far for both Amanda and myself but our prayers have been answered. The date has been set for November 10. I'm going to work on myself harder than ever this month. I'm exited and ready for this life changing event.

Sonia Barron/Facebook

Shortly before that post from Sonia, Amanda had posted..


I cannot even express how happy I am right now! I'm in tears! This year has been quite a rollercoaster with so many ups and downs but I see a new adventure up ahead! I would like to give my thanks, love, and prayers to every single person who has supported me through this all, especially to Sonia who will be blessing me with a priceless gift of life! She has selflessly done so much for this process and I know she is just as excited as I am!
And, as many of you know I am still having to fundraise for the transplant, for Sonia's surgery, medications I will be taking both temporarily and for the rest of my life, and for other expenses related to my kidney and lupus disease.
I'm grateful for everyone who has helped me during this tough ordeal and I'd like to ask for one last push of support! If you could all please share my link and/or even print out flyers to display anywhere you'd like it I would appreciate it! I have a little more than a month to get on the ball and I know it is possible! I love you all and thanks again for the positivity, prayers, and the abundance of love! 

These girls inspire us all and we are hoping all works in their favor.To help out visit the Go Fund Me Page.