There are so many citizens in the great state of Texas that take pride in where they live. There is a lot to love about our home state but there is a little bit of crazy going on too, not just in Austin either. For example, some of the town names in Texas are pretty crazy and unusual but people still have lots of pride even in these small towns. Which is why I wanted to make a list of the most unusual town names across the state of Texas. 

I have to admit when I was reading some of the names of these crazy town names, it made me wonder if the names came after a long night of drinking alcohol. Seriously, how does someone come up with some of these names? Beyond just coming up with the name, how did other people support these off the wall suggestions?  

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Only One Thing to Do When Looking at the List of Unusual Town Names in Texas 

You have to laugh and just shake your head when you look at the list below. When you have to give you address to someone and it’s something crazy like Ding Dong, Texas. I’m sure many people think that you would be giving them a fake address. 

Let’s Look at All 18 of the Ridiculous Town Names in Texas 

I’m sure there are some that I forgot from this list, feel free to put them in the comment section so I can add to this list. But here are 18 of the craziest or most unusual town names within the state of Texas. 

18 Unusual Town Names Across the State of Texas

People in Texas have a lot of pride even in the small towns with usual names.

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