Local agencies are teaming up to host Unidos for Diabetes, via a variety of Facebook Live events aimed at educating El Pasoans on how to safely manage the disease.  Considering those with diabetes are categorized as high risk and more susceptible to getting seriously ill if they were to contract COVID-19, these online seminars are timely and could potentially save a life or two.

COVID numbers are still high in the Borderland and with the holidays looming, the fear is that those numbers will worsen before they begin to get better.  It’s part of the reason County Judge Richard Samaniego extended his shut down order to December 1.

El Paso is also listed among the cities in Texas with the largest number of people diagnosed with diabetes (currently at over 100,000 residents).  I know it’s corny and cliché and even a little bit tongue in cheek, but as GI Joe used to always tell us, “Knowing is half the battle.”  Any resources available that can help us help ourselves is certainly welcome.

The El Paso Diabetes Associates will be taking the lead on the virtual events that will be held on November 14, November 18, and November 25.  You may take part in Unidos for Diabetes and follow their live events at facebook.com/ElPasoDiabetesAssociation.

The listing of Facebook Live events is below.

  • November 14 - 12 pm to 1pm: “Cook2gether for Diabetes Awareness” with Sun City Dietitians and Sara Ruiz
  • November 18 – 12pm to 1pm: Teal Talk About Diabetes: “Everything You Want to Know About Diabetes and What to Do” with El Paso Diabetes Association and Garima Mathur
  • November 25 – 12pm to 1pm: “Diabetes and the Eight Dimensions of Wellness” with Project Vida
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