The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso is showing its support for the community again through the murals that are painted all across the outdoor mall.

Just last year the Outlet Shoppes at El Paso unveiled a new mural titled: “Women in Art: Inspiring Young Women into the field of Art.”

The mural showcased the history of Canutillo and also celebrated the power of women!

Outlet Shoppes At El Paso

Now the outdoor mall is using art to make more people aware of Diabetes through their latest mural titled “Synthesis.”

The new mural, painted by local artist Cesar Inostroza, is a project between The El Paso Center For Diabetes and The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso.

It was unveiled on American Diabetes Alert Day and it is focused on bringing awareness to diabetes and how it can impact the local community.

Creating amazing murals like this one is not something new to Cesar. He painted his first mural at Bowie High School when he was just 16 years old and it was that mural that would change the course of his life forever.

“The main message of my mural is to take care of your body,” said Cesar. “And to be aware of how to keep it healthy so that you can live a happy health style.”

Courtesy: The Outlet Shoppes At El Paso Facebook
Courtesy: The Outlet Shoppes At El Paso Facebook

Cesar is happy that this mural is in a public space because it can be seen by many people who visit the Outlet Shoppes and hopefully inspire them to take care of their bodies.

The El Paso Center for Diabetes is hoping that small initiatives like this will encourage the community to know the risks of diabetes. If you would like more information on the center, Click here.

Diabetes Awareness Mural


Outlet Shoppes at El Paso Murals


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