Did you see him? "Roman Pearce" of "The Fast and the Furious" fame has been filming movies in Las Cruces.

Actor Tyrese Gibson who portrays Pearce in the action movie franchise has roles in both of the latest feature films shooting in Las Cruces and the Mesilla Valley, "Squealer" and "Bad Hombres".

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Squealer, Bad Hombres Plots

"Squealer" is about "a local cop (played by Gibson) and an overzealous social-worker follow clues on missing persons cases around town, stomach-turning discoveries are unearthed on a pig farm, where the town butcher has been slaughtering more than livestock," according to IMDb; an online database of movie related information.

A Film Las Cruces news release describes "Bad Hombres" as "the story of two undocumented immigrants who take a simple job of digging a hole in the middle of nowhere, but when their two employers reveal themselves to be psychopathic criminals, surviving the night will become a more difficult job."

El Paso's Southern NM Neighbor Becoming Movie Making Hot Spot

Chris Murray/Unsplash
Chris Murray/Unsplash

The Las Cruces area has been quite the hotbed of Hollywood film activity over the last few months with several of Tinseltown’s biggest movie stars filming new flicks in and around the city.

Most recently Kate Bosworth and Ryann Phillippe shot scenes for their new action movie, “The Locksmith”. Before them, Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson had Las Cruces residents sharing photos and video clips of their interactions with the legendary actors who were in town to film “Knight,” and “Hot Seat” respectively.

Tyrese Has Been Working Around His Mother's Illness

Unlike the other big names who have recently filmed in Cruces, Tyrese hasn't been hanging out and dropping in on many local sights or establishments, but for a very good reason.

His mother remains hospitalized with COVID-19 and pneumonia, and based on his social media he's been spending whatever time he can break away from filming to be at her side.

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