If you drive on I-10 in the area from Cotton to Thorn, you know that there are no shoulders to pull over on if you have car trouble or there is an accident. During morning and afternoon rush hour, car trouble or an accident can lead to major backups and major headaches for commuters. TxDOT says construction in that area of the freeway won't be wrapped up until 2019, so they've come up with a plan to help keep traffic running smoothly in road construction areas if problems come up.

TxDOT has launched a new initiative to tow cars that are stopped or stalled. Weekdays beginning next week, tow trucks will be on stand-by during peak rush hours: 6-9 a.m., 4-7 p.m. El Paso Towing will be providing the service and the $68,000 contract will be paid from a grant awarded to El Paso's Metropolitan Planning Organization.

The HEROS program used to provide roadside assistance to motorists on I-10, but it was ended in 2010 because of lack of funding, but the plan is to eventually bring it back. In the meantime, cars will towed of I-10 to the nearest safe place and then the car owner will have to take care of the vehicle from there. TxDOT employees will monitor cameras to see where vehicles are stalled, and will call El Paso Towing. El Paso Police will also be helping out if they see a driver. If you see a stalled vehicle, you can call 9-1-1, and police will let TxDOT know the driver's location.

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