After California passed the laws to legalize recreational marijuana, the ringing in of 2017 finally mean that marijuana could be bought by those patrons using it for recreational purposes. Not only is it a milestone for the state, but as a country more and more states are finding the good in recreational and medicinal marijuana.

A self proclaimed artist that goes by the social media handle as "@Jesushands", posted content to his Instagram taking blame for the Hollywood stunt which altered the sign in the famous Hollywood hills to read "Hollyweed" instead of "Hollywood". No damage was made to the sign just banners hung to make it look like it was changed permanently.

Recently the self proclaimed artist posted a picture to his Instagram of a ticket he recieved from the LAPD for vandalism.

Many think is was vandalism but in fact, the sign was not harmed in anyway and I think it was a pretty awesome statement and a way to remember California legalizing recreational marijuana.

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