Two teens have been arrested in connection with the "prank" they pulled at Cielo Vista Mall earlier this month.

El Paso Police arrested 17-year-old Gabriel Sebastian Gonzalez and charged him with Criminal Mischief. An unidentified 15-year-old male juvenile was also charged with Criminal Mischief. Because he is underage, the EPPD did not release that suspect's identity or mugshot.

The 'mischief' these two teens caused was setting off fireworks in a backpack in front of Dillard's at Cielo Vista Mall. They filmed it for their social media accounts. I've checked out their YouTube account and other social media and they thought that by doing these 'pranks', they could get famous.

Turns out, all they got was arrested. Gonzalez was booked into the El Paso County Detention Facility under a $10,000 bond, and the 15 -year old was turned over to the custody of the Juvenile Probation Department.'

How proud their parents must be.

Their "prank" caused more than $13,000 in damage to Cielo Vista Mall, and if you've read the comments on the KISS El Paso Facebook page, they also scared the hell out of a lot of people in the mall. In this day and age, and in an open-carry state like Texas, pulling a bonehead move like this could have ended really badly. Thank heavens there was no one around with a gun who thought, hey these are terrorists so let's shoot at them. Thank heavens no elderly person suffered a heart attack from fright. Thank heavens no one stampeded towards the exit and trampled someone.

These aren't pranks, ya little twerps. But their friends think this is all pretty hilarious. These are some screenshots of what their friends had to say about Gonzalez and his 15-year-old friend's 'prank'.

Gabe 1
Gabe 2
Gabe 3
Gabe 4
Gabe 5

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