Trolls the children's movie is a gem. It honestly should be mandatory for children to watch this movie in school because it not only teaches children the life lessons of being nice and to sing your heart out no matter what; it introduces younger generations to timeless songs like, "The Sound of Silence," "September," "Hello," and "True Colors," just to name a few.

Seriously, if you haven't seen Trolls, well shame on you. Watch it ASAP.

You will immediately fall in love. If it wasn't for my stepson and Justin Timberlake, I probably would have never watched it. Now that I have seen it about twenty times, I constantly quote it and tell others the joy it will bring them if they do watch it. Like I am doing right now.

On Wednesday morning, Justin Timberlake posted this movie poster and has set my heart on fire:

Yes, I screamed. I am super excited to have another Trolls movie where Justin Timberlake sings songs as an adorable emo troll. No date yet, just a posters letting the world know who is in it, including J Balvin and Ozzy Osbourne. I already can't wait.

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