President Donald Trump says that the reason why we have so many positive cases of COVID-19 is because we continue to do so much testing. No testing, no positive cases, right? Well.....

On Mike and Tricia Mornings Mike and I were saying that we totally agree with the president and then we started thinking about other things that you wouldn't have to worry about if you didn't think about them. Too many calories in a brownie? Just don't read the nutrition label! Worried that your kids aren't doing well in school? Just don't look at their report cards! Worried your spouse is cheating on you? Just don't stalk their social media or texts!

It really works for anything. Worried about how much money you've lost in the stock market? Just don't talk to your broker! Wondering how many positive cases we have in El Paso? You won't have to worry about it if you don't watch the news!

Seriously, this isn't the worst thing the president has said or will say, but for reals, we are in serious trouble and not knowing what is going on isn't going to make things better. Please wear your mask, wash your hands, sneeze into the crook of your arm, and stay home as much as possible. I'm tired of doing this, you're tired of doing this, and we all need to get back to our regular lives. And if you need to get tested, you can click here for a complete listing of testing sites where you can get tested.

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