Recently, El Paso’s iconic Star on the Mountain above Rim Road has been vandalized.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

One act of vandalism back in June resulted in the Star being left dark while repairs were completed.

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Since then, El Paso police have been monitoring the area for any repeat shenanigans.

As KTSM News Channel 9 reports 8 people were arrested Friday, July 21, for “criminal trespassing” at the site of the Mountain Star.

The news release from EPPD doesn’t say if any of the eight people were actually VANDALIZING the Star, but all eight were booked into the county detention facility and were assessed fines ranging from one hundred to one thousand dollars.

The report from the police also didn’t specify whether the eight were all a part of the same group or multiple groups.

However, the booking information lists Fort Bliss addresses for seven of the eight individuals. They ranged in age from 18 to 37 years.

Miguel Vigil/Edge of Forever Photography
Miguel Vigil/Edge of Forever Photography

The El Paso Chamber of Commerce took the opportunity to remind hikers and others that the area near the Star is off-limits.

“We would like to once again remind the public that the Star on the Mountain is on private property and any individuals attempting to trespass will be apprehended,” a press release from the Chamber said.

City officials say the Star has been vandalized for as long as the star has existed, going back to 1940.

Most of the vandalism of the star involves broken bulbs, beer cans, and bottles being left at the site. Vandals have also been known to steal the light bulbs.

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