YouTube has become a necessity for many media outlets. You can find some crazy stuff on there for free and share it with the world. We enjoy adding to the YouTube world with our own videos but unfortunately, we still haven't figured out to get one of our videos viral.

I decided to search the most-viewed videos on YouTube for some inspiration on what makes a video viral. Using YouTube's filter option, I just switched on 'sort by view count' to find the top five most-viewed videos.

Coming in at 5th is an ad from Sun City Emergency Room, 2 years ago, with 5.4 Million views. I am guessing the acting if what really sold the video?

Coming at 4th is a video that plays Marty Robbins hit 'El Paso' with the album cover as the feature. While the song is old, this video was published back on September 15th, 2013 and has reached over 6 million views. image.

The third most-watched El Paso, Texas video is a personal favorite of mine. It features a clip from comedian Gabriel Iglesias' stand up special ' I'm Not Fat...I'm Fluffy' from 2011. With over 8 million views, Gabriel's YouTube channel totally received much love from El Pasoans. Of course, this clip is so popular in El Paso because it talks about the effect Chico's Tacos has on your stomach.

Taking the second spot in this list is another Sun City Emergency commercial with over 8 million views. This time it is in Spanish and I guess that is why it has more views than the English one, due to reaching a two-language audience.

At the top spot for most-viewed El Paso, Texas YouTube videos is the long version of Marty Robbins 'El Paso' with lyrics from 1959. This just proves when you add lyrics to a video, it makes it more loved by an audience.

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