Everything thinks they have struck Twitter gold with their hilarious memes and pop culture references, but it's often lost because you don't have enough followers. I have narrowed down some ways to make sure you reach Twitter fame.

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    Take A Good Selfie, Change Your Header

    This rule is mainly for aesthetic purposes. Using a stock photo can make your profile seem unprofessional or even worse a fake profile that is used to catfish people. Also, make sure that you have chosen a fun header that will make people interested in your page.

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    Tweet During Peak Hours

    This is a good rule of thumb for any social networks, how can people read your tweets or retweet if they're asleep? Exactly. Twitter has confirmed that peak hours to tweet are 9am, noon, 3pm and 6pm. If you find yourself tweeting outside of peak hours make sure that you repeat yourself. Chances are not everyone saw your hilarious John Travolta meme.

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    Send @Messages to Top Users

    Following your favorite celebs and tweeting them can get you more followers. Chances are they won't return your tweet but people who also follow them will see your questions and your chances of getting a retweet are heightened.

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    Follow for Follow

    You hop onto your twitter and see that you have 8 new followers, perfect! Follow them back, it's called follow for follow and this is a sure fire way to get your tweets out there and read by the masses.


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    Post Pictures

    Post a ton of pictures. It's not enough that your quips are hilarious and seen by 300 people. You need to have photographs and not stock images or a slew of memes. You need to post original content. Pictures truly are the key to gaining more follows.

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