Once again, the El Paso Police Department are being followed around town by cameras. These aren't the LIVE PD cameras they are used to, this incident involves Twitter user Fredo Saenz wondering why an El Paso police officer was driving on the sidewalk.

The EPPD responded by to his twitter handle,@ElCampeonson with a snappy little message.

Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 2.40.33 PM

WHOA, someone get some ice for that BURN! Not sure who is running the EPPD Twitter profile but they deserve a high five for that comeback. We don't have to get all defensive about things, we can all just enjoy a good burn. The conversation did turn into Fredo defending his windshield and busting out more photos of EPPD. Other Twitter users also join the conversation to point out if it is illegal to have a broken windshield. Again, that doesn't matter. People are just mad that the EPPD actually got in a good burn.

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