Today, we are just five months away from Christmas Eve, and you know what that means - PRESENTS!!!!!

Yes, today is the day that you need to buy your loved ones a little something to commemorate being five teeny, tiny months away from SANTA!!!!

Stumped as to what to get to celebrate this momentous occasion?  Well, here are some ideas:

5.  A chocolate chip mint Blizzard - It will remind them of drinking hot chocolate around the fire during the holidays, but because it's cold, it will avoid that whole explode-into-a-ball-of-flames-because-it's-300 degrees-outside thing.  So messy.....

4.  An 3x Large T-Shirt - In the winter, you cover up what your poor food choices do to your body with a Snuggie, but you can't wear one in the summer, so this is the next best thing.  You can eat all you want, and still hide the ravages of those multiple, late night Whataburger runs!

3.  A Chinese umbrella - It'll keep the sun off your significant other's face because only Rudolph can get away with a red nose!

2.  A gym membership - Because every gift giving season needs a gift that says 'you've really porked out'.

1.  Tickets to That 80's Party! - Because if you wait to get them in December, we won't be selling them anymore!



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