Experts say that 'Friends' was the best sitcom, ever*. To honor the best sitcom ever, those experts have chosen the best five scenes, ever.**

*Expert is me.
**Best scenes chosen by me. No, you shut up!

  • 1

    Chandler Goes to Yemen

    15 Yemen Road, Yemen. I mean, how can you not laugh at that? Chandler wanted to get away from Janice, her clinginess, and her hilariously awful laugh, so he told her he was going to Yemen to find a replacement substance for fuel. Amazing how we used to wait with people at the gate, back in the day. This scene would not be even possible now.

  • 2

    I wish I could, but I don't want to.

    How many times have you wished you had the guts to say this when someone asked you to do something? Phoebe lays it on the line, but no one's feelings are hurt, and she gets away with not having to help put furniture together. Genius! And this scene happened in the first episode, setting the stage for all the seasons of perfection to come.

  • 3

    Joey doesn't share food!

    During 'Friends', Joey ate a whole turkey, gallons of jam that Monica made after she broke up with Richard, and a ton of other food, but this scene made Joey my spirit animal. Tricia doesn't share food, either!

  • 4


    Ross is sometimes endearing, but mostly annoying, and in this scene, you see every friend who ever roped you into helping them move. 'Pivot' can be used in any situation where a friend is bugging the crap out of you.

  • 5

    Seven seven seven seven *holds up seven fingers*

    Chandler was getting advice on how to do the sex to a woman so that people thought to themselves, "My God, somebody's killing her in there!" So, what are the 7 erogenous zones, and what the hell is number 7? I don't know, cochino, figure it out for yourself. Just make sure you wind up there after hitting all the other numbers.