On yesterday's Hollywood Dirt, Mike posted a picture of Rhianna's new tattoo that depicts the goddess Isis.  It's supposed to be a tribute to her late grandmother.  Rhianna's, not Isis'.  But a listener says it's proof that Rhinanna has made a pact with the devil!

This is the tattoo that Mike first hipped us to yesterday - just scroll down to yesterday's Hollywood Dirt Report.  It's Isis, the Egyptian goddess "worshipped as the ideal wife and mother, as well as the patron of nature and magic". 

Apparently, she is also what gave one of our listener the creeps because she said that tattoo is proof positive that Rhianna is a minion of the Illuminati!  The Illuminati, by the way, is a secret society that is made up of all kinds of big profile people, like Jay-Z

All this talk reminded me of a Saturday morning show that I used to love.  It was called Isis, or the Secrets of Isis, but I just called it AWESOME!  We got to follow an intrepid high school science teacher named Andrea who found Isis' amulet during an archeological dig in Egypt.  Whenever a dire situation arose, as they often do when you're an intrepid high school science teacher, she would put on Isis' amulet and get superpowers!  It looked like this:

I cannot tell you how badly I coveted that dang amulet!  I wanted one sooooo badly that I asked my dad to have one made for me.  Unfortunately, he and my mom saw the show one day and decided it would be best if I didn't start opening the doors for ancient goddesses and they turned a deaf ear to my begging. 

I'm still scarred to this day.  But one day, oh yes, one day, that amulet will be mine, and then watch out!