Tony Romo has spoken, this week in a press conference he spoke about the Dallas season thus far and what the future holds for himself and his role on the team.

I am a huge Cowboys fan, ever since I was little. I have been a fan of many of the players but Tony Romo is my quarterback. I love his love for the game and the team. His loyalty and his class, as he showed during this press conference.

When I saw this, I'll be honest, I shed a tear for Romo but I agreed wholeheartedly with what he had to say. He literally broke his back for the team and now injured two years straight, it was time to step aside and first of all, heal up to his fullest and give the go to Dak. And I mean give the go to his fans. For me it was so hard to watch this but what Romo said resonated with me and I finally accepted it. It's like I had to hear it come from him. I guess as a loyal fan that's what we do. I do wish he would maybe stay with the team if he decides to call football quits but with the possibility he could be traded I don't even what to think about it! We will cross that bridge when it comes. You're still my QB, Romo!