The holiday sales are far from over, as Cyber Monday has arrived. Cyber Monday is for those people who still want a great deal, but want to avoid any human interaction in stores. The only thing is, people are still trying to interact with you, but in a sneaky way.

Here are some tips that can help keep you and your family safe during one of the busiest and sketchiest times of the year to shop on the internet.

While shopping online, you always need to be cautious about where you are making your purchases. According to KVIA, before sending any personal information, you need to make sure the website you are using has "https"//" at the beginning of the web address. The added "S" lets you know that the website is secure, meaning you are safe to enter any personal information.

Installing software that limits certain websites on children's computer or tablets, will help you monitor where your children are internet surfing. I've seen this a lot on YouTube videos and games, where they are pressuring children to click on links. These links are sometimes sending kids to buy some product or they even try to install games on the devices. If kids do click on these sites, sometimes they unintentionally install hazardous software.

Whether you are shopping on a computer or mobile device, make sure to monitor where your information goes. Some people are estimating that online shoppers will surpass last year's spending record of $2.45 billion. With that being said, that means tons of people are going to also be attempting new records in stealing information. Good luck on deals, and always remember to shop smart!

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