Tinder is a simple dating app. If you like the person, swipe right. Not so much? Swipe left. It is all based on someone's paragraph explaining what they're all about and three to five pictures. See what happens when the person they liked in their Tinder photos was slightly different in person.

The biggest fear for women on Tinder is meeting a serial killer. The biggest fear for men on Tinder is meeting someone overweight. These videos show the proof. Seems that the men meeting the decoy aren't too happy about it. Some of them are just down right rude right to her face. They're lucky she was so understanding.

Seems that the ladies meeting a 'bigger guy' than what was pictured were a lot more forgiving. They all seemed to be up for the challenge and treated him nicely. All of them even made a time to meet him again and one of them even gave him a kiss goodbye.

I guess the stats are true, Tinder away and beware meeting shallow people. But isn't that what the app is about?


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