Some UTEP fans set Twitter on fire on Saturday night when they held a sign saying ‘Fire Floyd’ up during a Men’s Basketball game at the Don Haskins Center.

Former UTEP Head Football Coach Mike Price was having none of it and ripped one of the letters away from a fan, allegedly yelled expletives at him, and was asked to leave by security. Price might have been hacked off at fans, but Coach Tim Floyd doesn’t feel the same way. He said he thinks everyone has the right to voice their opinion, including the fans who aren’t happy with him. He just wishes there were about 65 hundred more fans who wanted to go to the Don and hold up signs during games.

As for Price, Floyd said, "Suit him up. Put a damn uniform on him. I thought it was absolutely awesome. I hope I have that much spirit at 70."

If you want to bring a sign to the Don during basketball games, they are supposed to be no larger than eight and half inches by 11 inches so people behind you can see. You also cannot have any profanity on your sign.

The sign that Price to issue with was larger than is allowed, but Jorge Vasquez, Executive Director of UTEP Special Events said he made a command decision to allow the signage.

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