It's Leap Day!  A somewhat rare event that happens once every 1460 days. Think of it as a free, bonus day to experience the joy of living! The bad news is if today wasn’t Leap Day it would already be Thursday and we'd be that much closer to the weekend. [Sad Trombone]


Here are three things you might not know about today ...

#1.) The odds of having a birthday on February 29th are one in 1,461.

#2.) On non-Leap Years, about 80% of the people born on February 29th choose to celebrate their birthday on February 28th. Legally, though, most states don't consider Leap Day babies older until March 1st.

#3.) There's a Leap Day every four years, EXCEPT in years that are perfectly divisible by 100 -- UNLESS those years are also perfectly divisible by 400. That sound you hear is my head exploding from the complex math involved!

And by the way, we have Leap Years because it takes slightly longer than 365 days for the Earth to go around the sun so every four years we have to add an extra day to even things out.

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