Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and if you haven't made plans yet it could mean time in the doghouse. Fortunately, guys, your Uncle Mickey -- that's me -- has (A.) game, (B.) plenty of life experience, and (C.) three great ideas you still have time to pull off:

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    Cook Her Favorite Meal

    This is great because it shows effort, it shows a personal touch, and it shows you know what she likes. Make everything nice and romantic - candles, cloth napkins, and good wine are key - and she won't care you're not at some fancy restaurant.

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    Take Her Shopping

    Women love to shop, so rather than going through the frustrating, aimless struggle of trying to get her something you think she'll like, give her a shopping spree instead. But make sure you go with her. And be the perfect gentleman; hold her purse, don't complain too much about the price, and, above all, don't ask if she's almost done. Trust me.

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    Revisit Your First Date

    If you've been together for a year or more, revisiting your first date is a fantastic way to bring the romantic memories back. If your first date was at a restaurant, see if you can get the exact same table you guys had. If you went to a movie, rent that movie and snuggle in for the night (AKA, Netflix and chill. Aw, yeah.)