Who -- or what -- haunts the El Paso Community College Rio Grande Campus?

EPCC Campus Life is hosting a campus ghost walk on the last Saturday of the month and will share tales of its paranormal past.

Fans of the paranormal will be entertained with stories of the spirits rumored to roam campus buildings and visit the locations where supernatural activity is said to occur.

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The ghost tours will explore several campus locations previously investigated by Paranormal Research Investigations El Paso. PRI was the first paranormal group invited by Campus Life to look into the alleged school hauntings.

Ramiro Galvan, head investigator for Paranormal Research Investigations, said he and his crew spoke to school staff, campus police, and students to find out first-hand where the majority of the sightings and activity was taking place, as well as the legend, lore, and history of the buildings believed to be haunted.

During its 2020 investigation, the group documented stories of disembodied voices, mysterious footsteps in empty hallways, and multiple eyewitness accounts of a full-bodied apparition of a woman in what is known as “the Queen Anne” building which currently houses campus police.

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The ghost tours are taking place at the El Paso Community College Rio Grande Campus near the center of the downtown business district at 100 W. Rio Grande Street.

On Saturday, October 28, a “paranormal activities expert” (Not Galvan) will guide attendees to some of the locations previously investigated.

You don’t have to be an EPCC student to attend, the ghost tours are open to the public. Tickets are $10. Students with a valid EPPC I.D. can attend for free. There is a 15-person limit per tour.

The walking tours will depart hourly from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. To make a reservation call 915-831-4127. EPCC students can visit RG Campus Life B101 to reserve a spot in person.

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