As if the El Paso community couldn't be anymore on edge, the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced an investigation into threats that have been made against El Paso Walmarts.

Late Friday evening on May 8th, the FBI El Paso Twitter account sent out a tweet to thank those El Pasoans who reported the threats through the right channels.

These El Pasoans did the right thing to reach out to officials instead of posting everything out to social media. No details on the threats have been shared by El Paso officials or FBI officials.

From the tweet, it seems like our community is going to be monitored closely. After the tragic August 3rd mass shooting at the Cielo Vista Walmart, these type of threats bring an extra emotional fear. The El Paso community lost 23 El Pasoans from that domestic terrorist attack. Recently, the last victim in the hospital from that day passed away after a nine month battle fight to recover from his wounds.

As Mother's Day approached, our community not only must do what is best to protect each other from the spread of COVID-19, we must protect each other from those who hate our community. What we love so much about our city, is what some people have always hated. We will remain El Paso Strong.

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