Meet Chris Tuttle, who has Asperger syndrome.  The Van Buren man has worked at Wegman's in Clay for years, but it wasn't until recently he experienced a rude customer. A woman yelled at Tuttle and complained to his manager, causing quite a scene.  It was all because she felt Tuttle  checked her out too slowly. Thousands have now come to Tuttle's defense on Facebook.

His sister told his story on Facebook:

'What this woman doesn't know is 10 hours later, Chris told me the story as if it just happened, he was just as stressed and just as upset. She has no idea how damaging her actions were to one person. Part of Asperger's is the inability to move on, to not be able to wrap his mind around the fact that this woman isn't worth it. He doesn't understand why someone would be so nasty to him and for him, he takes it personal.'

Read his touching story, through the words of his big sister and show your support for Tuttle on the Turtle Landing Page on Facebook.


Social media isn't the only place Tuttle is seeing support.  He's getting it in person, too.  According to, customers have been calling the Clay store and coming in to thank Tuttle, some even dropping off cards.  He says he's been getting Facebook friend requests from all over the world including 'Australia, Greece, England and Canada. Someone in Melbourne, Australia invited Tuttle to his house.'

This outpouring of support for Tuttle warms my heart.  No one should treat another human this way.  I hope this woman sees how her behavior has affected not only Tuttle, but an entire community, and I hope she's ashamed.

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