“Where you from?”

It’s a question right out of the polite conversation handbook. You can be at an out of town wedding or some getaway destination and the minute you start making small talk someone will inevitably ask.

I’ve found more often than not when they find out I rep El Paso, their knowledge of my town is weak at best. Even fellow Texans don’t know much about our little corner of the desert.

Things People Say When You Tell Them You're from El Paso

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"How hot does it get there?" (Unbearably, sometimes, but we deal.)
"How’s the Mexican food down there?" (Delicious. And authentic, thank you!)
"You guys are right by Mexico, huh?" (Yup, both of them – New and old.)
"Do you go to Mexico a lot?" (I don’t anymore, but people way more brave than me still do.)

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"Do you guys ride horses everywhere?" (Um, no. We’re in a different time zone, not century.)
"Are the streets full of tumbleweeds?" (Okay, that Old West stereotype is true.)
"I passed through there once." (Yeah, a lot of people do. Y’all’s loss.)


"Do you know Baydoe?" (No, but I saw him on ‘Ellen’. And it’s Baytoe.)
"Khalid!" or "From the city of the 9-1-5" (If they’re young.)
"Marty Robbins!" (If they're old. Then they ask if there really is a Rosa's Cantina. There is.)
"Chico’s Tacos!" (If they’re uprooted El Pasoans.)