A lot of us as children have visited Carlsbad Caverns in Carlsbad, New Mexico. We all had tons of fun and plenty of memories we have from that special place.

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One memory I have from a time I visited Carlsbad, Caverns in New Mexico left me wounded. I remember I didn't listen to my parents and paid the price for it. I had been running down the hill when I slipped and slid down scraping up my knee.

Anyone who has visited Carlsbad Caverns could agree it is a fun spot for a family trip.

But that isn't the only underground spot you could linger around in New Mexico. There is another place you can explore underground except this time it is in Texas, not New Mexico.

There are a few caverns in Texas you have got to visit that are just as spectacular as New Mexico's. There are four caverns in Texas you must try to make an effort to visit with the family.

There are Inner Space Cavern, Cave Without a Name, Cascade Caverns, and Natural Bridge Caverns that all lie in Texas. Jannat & Salwa's YouTube video gives you a tour of Natural Bridge Caverns in San Antonio below.

Another cave in Kendall County, Texas has murky water compared to the Natural Bridge Caverns. You can see a quick tour of the Cave Without a Name from VideoJoeShows YouTube below.

Now as for Cascade Caverns, it isn't as lit as the others seen above are. Even with visitors' flashlights, it is still pretty dark if you check out the YouTube video from I'm Ernest below.

As for Inner Space Cavern, it is pretty neat to see some drawings on the walls of the cave. Cool Toys & Travels for Kids YouTube shows the drawings about 8 minutes in.

Be sure to plan a visit to one or all of the caverns that exist in Texas.

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