Chosen by YOU. That's right. I asked online "who is the best tattoo artist in El Paso, Texas?" and I'm happy to say I've gotten MANY results. Perhaps you're like me, you don't have tattoos & you're thinking of getting one. But you're not sure who to talk to or where to go.

Well thanks to helpful people online, HERE's what THEY recommend you go to get ink done. (I'll also link to their tattoo art pages so you can see for yourself).

Male doing image on arm

There's plenty more talented tattoo artists & shops in El Pasotattoo

If you think that's it, oh no! There's plenty more.

Some places that were named were West Texas Tattoo, Sun City Tattoo, Tattoo Dans & Covetous Ink.

Now of course there are MANY more talented artists in El Paso; so let this be a good starting point on who to contact in El Paso.

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