Local tattoo artist and inked beauty Sarah Sabbath sat down to talk about her tattoos and her experience getting her eyeballs tattooed. Sarah Sabbath is a 26-year-old El Pasoan that's known not only for her beauty but also for her extensive tattoo collection. She recently sat down with truly on Youtube to discuss her artwork and why she started getting tattooed.

The 26-year-old discusses why she decided at a young age to start getting tattoos and says she's paid about $3000 to $4,000 for her tattoos collectively. Sabbath talks about she used to be teased a lot as a child for being "hairy" and having "very crooked" teeth.

Sarah says she started getting work done on her body, she started gaining confidence and feels more comfortable in her skin now than ever before. Sabbath says her tattoos give her confidence because they show people the truly brave, strong woman she was meant to be. Sabbath says she has no regrets about her ink and says each addition to her body art was a step along her path of self-discovery.

The most fascinating part about her truly interview has to be her talking about her eyeball tattoos, and how everything didn't go as planned. Sabbath says the tattoo artist didn't put enough saline solution into the ink which left her unable to see properly.

She says she went to an eye specialist who gave her some eye drops to help her see better. While her vision still bothers her, Sarah says she has no regrets about her decision. Watch her entire interview above and read more at the Daily Mail website. You can also find Sarah Sabbath on Instagram.

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