El Paso is never short on talent or good food, including desserts; from churros to ice cream, these are five of the best dessert food trucks/stands that are rolling around town.

Let's take a moment to drool over some of the most decadent and delicious dessert food trucks roaming the streets of El Paso today.

While most food trucks satisfy our taco cravings at any moment, dessert food trucks are harder to come by. Thankfully here in El Paso, we do have a few that step up their game by offering various temptingly scrumptious sweets.

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From donuts to brownies, cookies to churros - these are five of the most fantastic dessert food trucks/stands to hit up in El Paso this summer.

Mini Donut Depot

Mini Donut Depot
  • Standout Desert: The Mini Donut Depot offers some seriously yummy donuts, including their sugar mini donuts drizzled with honey.
  • Where in El Paso: Follow them on Facebook to keep up with their following pop-up location HERE.

Adam's Rolled Ice Cream

Adams Rolled Ice Cream
  • Standout Desert: There's a certain skill level to rolling out ice cream, and Adam's Rolled Ice Cream nails it every time, taking it to a whole other level with its fun flavors such as Evil Berry and Strawberry Nutella.
  • Where in El Paso: Keep up Adam's Rolled Ice Cream on Facebook to know where they'll pop up next HERE.

Scotch & Butter

Scotch & Butter
  • Standout Desert: Scotch & Butter offers a selection of mouthwatering cookies, cakes, macaroons, and much more, but it's their out-of-this-world rich double chocolate brownies that will blow your mind.
  • Where in El Paso: You can find Scotch & Butter baking, selling & delivering homemade pastries all over El Paso and at the Downtown Artist Farmers Market. Follow them on Facebook for an up-to-date schedule.

Frontera Churros

Frontera Churros
  • Standout Desert: You had me at churros! If you love churros, then don't deny yourself some of the best in town. Choose from a variety of toppings from traditional to Cajeta with Bacon; Frontera Churros is churro heaven.
  • Where in El Paso: Frontera Churro can be found around town and at their brick and mortar location at 501 S. Campbell Ste. E-1, 79901. Follow them on Facebook for schedule updates.

Social Ice

Social Ice
  • Standout Desert: Social Ice has been cooling El Paso down for years now and consistently serves some of the best desserts around, including shaved ice, fried Oreos and Twinkies, specialty snow cones, and much more.
  • Where in El Paso: Social Ice can be found all over El Paso. To keep up with their schedule, follow them on Facebook.

If you know of a stellar food truck dishing out incredible desserts, feel free to share by emailing monika@ksii.com.

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