It is no joke that Texas is huge and certainly has a ton of places for you to visit. You know I am your wing woman when it comes to sharing gnarly places that are family-friendly in Texas.

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Most of those places I have shared consist of splashing around in water which a lot of us enjoy doing. There is a spot that I can't believe I missed throughout most of this summer.

Unfortunately, summertime weather is almost coming to an end and some of you couldn't be happier. As for me, I am pretty bummed because I do prefer the hot El Paso heat over the cold any day.

But there is another spot you must put down on your bucket list of places to visit in Texas. It actually happens to be at a certain river I told you about not that long ago.

Devils River is where you can find the hidden waterfall that is fun to splash around at. If you would like an up close and personal look at the waterfall just refer to Texas Parks and Wildlife's YouTube video below.


Dolan Falls the Hidden Waterfall In Texas

The hidden gem is known as Dolan Falls and is quite magnificent if you ask me. Sure Dolan Falls isn't as big as other waterfalls you've seen in other parts of the country.

But this particular waterfall in Texas is still magnificent to the eyes and fun for kayaking adventures. So if you need a new spot to add on to your bucket list for next summer, Dolan Falls should be it.

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