Located 45 minutes northwest of Austin resides a ​14,000 square foot Bavarian inspired castle where you can be a king or a queen for the night!

Falkenstein Castle is nestled in the Texas Hill Country in Burnet County and if you've ever wondered how staying in a castle would feel like, well for a hefty price you can find out.


The castle itself, according to the AirBnB description, offers not only a royal aesthetic but the best views in Central Texas. Check out how this castle looks on the outside and on the inside below.

Texas Hill Country Castle

You can stay in a real castle at this Texas Hill Country Castle

Do I think that some of the rooms could have been spruced up a bit? Definitely!

Now, the price per night might make your heart stop- this castle is available for $1,518 a night! I know, it sounds insane! But, it is a castle, and it does come with a lot of the things you'd expect from a castle.

The castle can accommodate 14 guests (maybe more!) it has six bedrooms, eight beds and four and a half baths. It also offers over 60 amenities to make the castle feel just like home.

Among some of the extras that come with Falkenstein Castle are:

  • Xbox Series S with 2 controllers and several games
  • Ping Pong table
  • 2-person basketball shooting game
  • Pool table
  • Dart board
  • Outdoor basketball goal
  • 1000 Plus DVD Collection

And, as with any castle, the interior displays over 100 pieces of artwork and paintings, including ancient cultural art, art glass, and other artifacts for you to admire. Some of these date back thousands of years and are typically only found in museums.

Do you think all this is worth the $1,518 a night? If the castle got a better interior designer maybe; but it's a castle! If traveling all the way to Europe is not a possibility, then look to our very own Lone Star state and check out this castle!

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