It seems like the customer is responsible for a lot these days and I come to find myself questioning situations where it might be appropriate to tip. Obviously when it is a type of hospitality service you should tip, but what about when you get yourself some self-serve ice cream?

I asked KLAQ listeners on our Facebook page what the weirdest thing they've had to tip for was, and the responses were enlightening. Check out some of them below! Scroll to the bottom to see my weirdest El Paso tipping experience... which I must say is still very perplexing.

Clayton Rinker

Rafa Mauri Mf
"Unsavory uncolored coffee from Golden Corral. Well, at least the steaks were good. :D"

Steven Sandoval
"That my friends, is a secret I'll take to the grave lol"

Mike Reidland Jr.
"Someone turning a tablet around"

Rei Toonz Lujan
"Strippers :"

Moori-yo Fam
"Using the restroom"

Manny Medina
"Pouring concrete...!!"

Ralphie Hernandez
"I don't think I've ever tipped for anything weird in my entire life.
Much less a stripper. Or a kinky massage.
I tip my handyman, my yard guy, home delivery guy, restaurant, on and on. Just can't think of anything weird I have tipped for."

Jose Bustillos
"To be left alone at a ummm certain type of club"

Adrian De La Cruz
"Anything, tipping is BS and employers should be paying the full wage."

  • Half Moon Brew (reply)
    "Adrian De La Cruz some of us do pay full wage but if you like the service it's good to tip people. It's motivating to others to do a good job."

Bianni Boccanegra
"A stripper ;)"


MEGAN'S TAKE: The weirdest things I've been expected to tip for in El Paso so far have gotta be those drive through car washes. There is a machine there that clearly you can use on your own? But a person is standing there to take your card and put it into the machine and then they ask for a tip. Sorry but... so weird.


You Had to Be There: El Paso Edition

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