I was reading through an article in a men's magazine and I found some key things that triggered my brain into thinking, "Is that what men really think?". Here are the topics that stood out to me and what I think is really going on in a man's brain.

1) Men are very fearful of rejection. This may cause them not to approach a woman even when they are really interested. If they feel that the risk of happiness is worth the risk of rejection, they may go for it. But usually he will still need some help on the woman’s end. She’ll have to smile at him. Give him a little eye contact. Have open body language. Then he will feel more comfortable approaching her. SO if you're wanting to get him to talk to you because you too are interested, give him a smile, ladies.

2) Men are admirable because they face a lot of rejection. Some men probably get turned down five times a day, and yet they keep going in order to find a girlfriend. Some women are so rude to men because they don’t know how much nerve it takes for the man to ask for her number or ask her out. Some men finally build up the nerve to approach the girl, and then she totally disses him by ignoring him or giving him a mean look. Ladies, let’s play nice! If you’re not interested, treat him like you would like to be treated if you had approached an attractive man that you liked who was not interested in you. Every human deserves respect.

3) Men will try to preserve your “girlfriend potential” if they really like you. While many men are just looking for a good night, they always keep their radar on for the wifey-type chick. They may be with a different woman each night, but they’ll usually know a good one when they see her. They figure, “I already got the prize, so why in the world should I pretend to care about her hobbies, dislikes, and career?” They may keep you around and maybe even for a long time before they actually commit to anything. But be patient ladies, don't rush him.

4) Men are visual beings, so they want an attractive girlfriend. Some women think it’s shallow of men to be like this, but they were made to be visual beings. They can appreciate a beautiful woman or a woman who puts effort into her looks. They will, of course, pick the pretty girl who’s in shape over the homely girl who is not in shape. Personality, character, intelligence, all matter too so pay attention to yourselves ladies! Just try your best and men will notice and appreciate that.

5) Men do judge women negatively by the way we act and look. If you are a sloppy drunk, they will not pursue you because they find you embarrassing. Who wants the drunk for a girlfriend, fiancée, wife, or mother of their children? They may want to party with you and have sex with you because you’re fun, but it ends there. There is a double standard at play here, but if you want a respectable guy, he will, of course, want a respectable girl.

6) Men know up front whether they are attracted to you or not. Women are sometimes the other way; we may not be attracted initially, but later on, we can think, “I know he’s just a friend, but he could have potential to be more...” Men know in the first three seconds or less whether they would ever be romantically or physically attracted to you. There’s no use in trying to manipulate or change that by buying gifts, being flirty, etc. because it’ll never happen for you and him. There’s a built-in chemical effect that goes on between a man and a woman when they are attracted to each other, and you can’t affect that chemistry by gimmicks. It’s biological, so you can’t fool with it. It’s just the way it is.

7) If a guy likes you, he will eventually let you know if he hasn't already. If your boy toy invites you over, makes plans to be with you and just likes to hang out with you, he's into you. But don't be that clingy girl he gets tired of. Hang out with him occasionally and say no sometimes. He will want you even more.

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