The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line celebrates 40 years and is ready for all your turkey cooking questions this year. 

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On November 1,  the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line officially returned for its 40th-anniversary fielding calls on all things turkey.  

Butterball’s Turkey Talk-Line was created back in 1981 by only six homemakers, who ended up answering over 11,000 calls. 

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Four decades later, the Turkey Talk-Line has grown into an official free service provided by Butterball staffed with about 50 phone operators.  

I must confess that I have a soft spot for the team of the Turkey-Talk Line after one year during a Friendsgiving gathering where our turkey had not thawed out thoroughly. Thanks to one of the wonderful hotline experts, she patiently walked us through how to defrost the bird in 24hours. With our turkey crisis averted, our Friendsgiving was saved. 

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The turkey hotline is not only a lifeline for newbies hosting their first Thanksgiving meal but for anyone who may need help along the way planning, preparing, or cooking a turkey.  

The experts behind the Turkey Talk line not only put their own family’s Thanksgiving on hold to help us amateurs out, but they also have to meet specific criteria to respond to more than 100,000 turkey-related questions each November and December. 

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Requirements include having at least a four-year degree in a food-related field and must complete Butterball University at the start of each season for at least the first three years on the job.  

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All that training is required to tackle all those turkey-related questions such as:  

  • How fast can I thaw a turkey? 
  • How big of a turkey should I buy for “x” number of persons? 
  • How long do I cook a turkey with or without stuffing? 
  • How o properly fry a turkey, or even how long to cook a turkey in a microwave? 

These experts have heard it all and can help solve all your turkey cooking mishaps no matter what kitchen disaster you face.  

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After all these years, the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line remains free and has expanded from a phone line to Amazon’s Alexa and even live chat on The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line is also available via text at 844-877-3456, email, YouTube, and even has Spanish-speaking experts as well. 

If you prefer to have someone on the phone guide you step by step – call the traditional way at 1-800-BUTTERBALL. The turkey hotline is now open, especially all day on Thanksgiving Day and through Christmas Eve, December 24, 2021.

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