The super blood wolf moon made a spectacular appearance over El Paso last night and it was glorious!


The super blood wolf moon was visible across the United States including Central and South America last night on January 20, 2019. It was considered a blood moon because of the reddish glow that it gives during the total lunar eclipse as the Earth’s shadow completely covers the moon. It was also considered a super moon because it just so happened to take place during the moons closest proximity to Earth, making the moon brighter and bigger than usual. Lastly, it is also considered a wolf moon because that is what the Farmer’s Almanac names the full moon in the month of January.


A friend and I were hanging out at Blackbird in downtown El Paso last night when we experienced the full lunar eclipse and it became a spectacle as everyone rushed outside to capture the full celestial moment as the bar personnel played Neon Moon on repeat by Brooks and Dunn.

No worries if you missed it, the next total lunar eclipse appearance is scheduled for May 26, 2021.

A big thanks to Raphael Martinez for capturing the gorgeous moon in all its glory and the rest of the photos that were sent to me by friends and family.

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