It's been a long night, and you're waddling to your car from that glorious night out. Isn't so glorious when you finally take off your shoes and your feet are in excruciating pain. Now the secret is out! Ladies, you to be pain free and still wear those beautiful heels.

It's true ladies, you CAN wear heels without the pain and have a fun night out dancing it up with your girls. There is a trick and it is so simple you'll be wondering why you haven't done it for years.

Here it is. There is a nerve between your third and fourth toes that is the culprit for those painful nights. When pressure is put on it, it is painful so that needs to be alleviated. But how you ask?

It's simple, take a piece of either scotch tape or nude medical tape for those open toed shoe and tape the third and fourth toes together. Voila! That's all that is separating you from a painless night and those beautiful Jimmy Choo's. Enjoy!