Think you can survive the zombie apocalypse? Put yourself to the test by joining the Running Dead 5K! All you have to do is try to escape a corn maze, infested with zombies, at night.

On September 20th, the 2014 Running Dead 5K will take place at the Maldonado Corn Maze, La Union, NM. This frightfully fun race really get your blood pumping, not only from running, but from all the surprises scattered through the course. If you thought being in a maze filled with zombies seems hard, they decided to schedule this as a night run!

The goal of this race is to protect your life, as you strap on a flag football belt. The zombies scattered around the course will be trying to rip these flag off of you. If you can cross the finish line with at least one flag, you have survived. Last year, I couldn't survive, but I blame my wonderful boyfriend for pushing me into a crowd of zombies.

It's an incredibly fun race, so gather a group or take on the zombies solo. You can register at

The zombie invasion has already hit the KLAQ studios! Will you be taking on the zombies?

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