When I was a kid, back in the days of the dinosaurs, I used to love to pull a Ferris Bueller and stay home 'sick from school'.  One of the best things about doing that?  Watching 'The Price is Right'!

I gotta admit, I have a thing for Bob Barker.  He was the coolest guy, like, ever!  He had that cool super-skinny microphone, and, of, course, he had a stable of super hot babes who did what he said!

But times change, and so did 'Price'.  When I heard that they were going to go with Drew Carey as the new host, I wasn't so sure about the move.  Sure, Drew is funny, and he introduced me to the funniest guy on the planet - Craig Ferguson(!) - but could he really fill Bob's shoes?

Well, he did, and he has, and he also had a million dollar winner!

I had no idea 'The Price is Right' had gotten so upscale!  If you have dreams of winning with 'The Price is Right', then join us Tuesday, September 18th, at the Plaza Theater for 'The Price is Right LIVE'!  You'll have the chance to play and win, and who knows how far things will go?!

And you won't even have to play hooky from school!

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