As a pregnant woman at the time of this article, this burger is calling my name.

The thing is, it isn't just a burger. It is a Panda Challenge.

While you could go into Panda Burger over on Lee Trevino and ask for this specialty burger, the real fun comes from requesting to take on the Panda Challenge.

Now to conquer the Panda Challenge you must eat ALL of the burger and fries within 20 minutes to be awarded the Panda Burger T-shirt and get your picture on their wall of fame.

Back during the pandemic, I recall calling Panda Burger to ask about the challenge, but it was something they kept as a secret menu item. They would only create it when asked.

Now, they are back at it sharing the challenge and looking for some hungry El Pasoans.

The only thing some people may not like is you are going to have to pay for the burger, win or lose.

That shouldn't discourage you from trying it though. Every foodie needs to have that confidence for at least one food challenge. I am thinking this is one I could conquer.

Sadly, I can't do it anytime soon because I've already been lectured about my eating habits while being pregnant.

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One day I hope to take it on because right now, I feel I can demolish that burger. It has some vegetables so it should be somewhat healthy right?

Yes, we can go with that so all of us can sleep at night when we attempt the challenge.

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