BIG WINNERS:  "The King's Speech" was named Best Picture, Colin Firth predictably won Best Actor for "The King's Speech", Natalie Portman predictably won Best Actress for "Black Swan" ...

Melissa Leo predictably took Best Supporting Actress, and unpredictably dropped an F-bomb in her acceptance speech, Christian Bale won Best Supporting Actor for "The Fighter." In accepting, he promised not to curse like Leo, explaining, "I've done that plenty before."

MIKE'S RANDOM SHOW NOTES: Hosts JAMES FRANCO and ANNE HATHAWAY were criticized by many around the world as being too stiff and perky, respectively, and I couldn't agree more.

And the being digitally-inserted- into- a -bunch -of -the- year's- Best Picture- nominees bit they opened the show with, in my opinion, has been done so many times before, and better.

Having 94-year-old KIRK DOUGLAS present the award for Best Supporting Actress and dragging it out as long as they did was kind of torturous to the point of uncomfortable. (--On his post-Oscar special, JIMMY KIMMEL joked that the segment, quote, "Combined the suspense of RYAN SEACREST with the delivery of DICK CLARK." )

When Christian Bale accepted the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, it seemed like after he thanked a bunch of people and started to thank his wife, he sort of blanked for a second he forgot her name. Or he was emotional and might have just taken a long pause. It’s hard to tell. (--He forgets or gets emotional at around the 1:47 mark)

And how about COREY HAIM getting SHAFTED AGAIN!!! Corey was NOT a part of the annual MONTAGE OF DEATH. Just four weeks ago, he was left out of the death montage at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. What up wit dat??? No love for the other Corey!!! ATTICA!!!

AP Photographers take you on a time lapse ride along the 83rd Annual Academy Awards Red Carpet

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